• Featured review: Daniel Tosh– "Happy Thoughts"

    Like Jim Norton and Patrice O’Neal, Sarah Silverman and Lisa Lampanelli, Daniel Tosh clearly belongs to Comics Without Borders, a cadre of comedians that fearlessly (some scolds may say tastelessly) crosses boundaries to deliver jokes to those in need…of convulsive laughter. “If I offend anybody tonight, I apologize. It’s not my intention. I’m not going to guess what your personal line of decency is. I cross my own from time

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    Video: Daniel Tosh poops sitting backwards

    I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m not as huge a fan of Tosh.0 as it seems most comedy consumers are. I like it! I like it! Don’t yell at me. I think it’s a good show. Since its debut two years ago, however, I’ve had a hard time separating what I knew about Tosh’s stand-up to what I was seeing on Comedy Central each week. Put

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