• Watch former senator Arlen Specter do stand-up comedy

    Politicians usually work the crowd, fishing for votes,but last night during an open-mic night at Helium Comedy Club in Philly, former Sen. Arlen Specter worked the room, trawling for laughs, and he caught a cadre of lawmakers in his net. A Republican during most of his 30-year career in the U.S. Senate, Specter, 81, aimed his fiercest below-the-Beltway jabs at dallying Democrats: serial-sex-joke subject Bill Clinton and former Pennsylvania Gov.

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    Chris Hardwick and the post show video interview

    This past weekend, I had the chance to catch Chris Hardwick — maybe you know him as @Nerdist on Twitter — at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. It was the first time I saw him live doing a proper headlining set and have to say, was impressed. He has a masterful command of an audience, talking directly to single members throughout his set but never letting go of the rope

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