Robin Williams Trust Restricts use of comedian’s likeness for 25 years

While absolutely everyone is still mourning the hell out of Robin Williams, this bit of news is perhaps the one instance where fans might feel relieved that they won’t be seeing more of the comedian any time soon. As reported earlier last week, it was revealed that the Robin Williams Trust has imposed very strict control over the likeness rights of the beloved late comedian and actor. Specifically, no commercial

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Aziz Ansari outed as ‘Homeland’ parody account tweeter @SergeantBrody

If you’re a fan of Showtime’s massively popular spy drama Homeland, you may be one of the nearly 30,000 followers of the parody Twitter account @SergeantBrody, in honor of the series’ main character. Well, it turns out that none other than Parks and Recreation’s Tom Haverford, comedian Aziz Ansari is the wit behind the account, which launched on Oct. 29. The Hollywood Reporter points out that he seemingly posted as

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Watch Deschanel, Lynch, Bowen, Dern, Applegate, Plimpton, Louis-Dreyfus in an uncensored interview

What happens when you get Jane Lynch, Zooey Deschanel, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Laura Dern, Christina Applegate, Julie Bowen and Martha Plimpton together in the same room? Well if you’re the Hollywood Reporter, you get a damn slick video filled with lots of laughs and great information for comedy and television nerds. Check out the complete, uncensored Emmys roundtable interview below!

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Watch the Hollywood Reporter’s comedy roundtable

The unsung hero of the television comedy is the showrunner. These behind-the-scenes fixtures are often responsible for whether or not a show works at all, based on the decisions they make about characters and storylines– among other things, of course. Needless to say, the Hollywood Reporter Emmy showrunner roundtable is a must-watch for anyone interested in comedy, television, or – this year – Charlie Sheen. Check it below. You can

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Comedian Chris Hardwick (Nerdist) lands BBC America deal

Chris Hardwick, performing at Punchline Mag's 5th anniversary show at Largo in LA in Oct. 2010.

Standard operating procedure in the online comedy world these days often involves a Tumblr account turning into a book deal or a Twitter feed turning into a television show. A new development with BBC America, though, offers another growing avenue for comedy: a podcast turning into a pilot. Hollywood Reporter

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Christian comedian suing Real Housewives producers

Hey, look. It's comedian Jeff Allen and Ann Coulter from 2004.

Normally, we wouldn’t expect to see a collision between uber-wholesome stand-up comedy and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but nothing’s impossible, it seems. The Hollywood Reporter explains that Jeff Allen, a comedian famous for his Christian, family-centered routines is suing NBC Universal for capitalizing on his trademarked catchphrase and comedy special title, Happy Wife,

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Sarah Silverman doesn't like your jokes

If I had a nickel for every time I told Sarah Silverman a joke in person and she laughed hysterically at said joke, I’d have more than three grand worth of those shiny suckers in my sock drawer. But, all the money in the world would not make up for the fact that Sarah was probably only laughing at my jokes so that I would leave her alone. I’ve only

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