Sex toy makers partner with comedy clubs

If I had to guess what topic comedians joke about most frequently, I’d have to guess that sex takes the cake. It’s almost like you’re not a stand-up comic until you poke fun at the deed. So it’s no real surprise that a sex toy company might try to capitalize on the comedy scene. Fun Factory, the largest manufacturer of adult novelty toys in Europe (that’s some of their products

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Ben Gleib covers Stony Awards for MySpace Comedy (VIDEO)

If you’re not a complete pothead, you may not know what the Stony Awards are. But we’re here to tell you they exist. They’ve existed and have been nurtured in the loving arms of High Times magazine for 10 years, in fact. It’s the one time of the year when we, the people stoned, can choose things like what the best stoner movie of the year was or who the

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