• Holy Fuck. Live Comedy. (Album review)

    There comes a point in every comedy fans’ life when they start to question what exactly it is that makes them laugh. Consuming hours of stand-up specials and comedy albums, reading memoirs by the greats, attending live shows, and streaming podcasts like no tomorrow, these individuals are on the lengthy path to self discovery. If you’re one of these souls, get ready to cut this journey short. Holy Fuck, the

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    Laughspin Podcast episode 58: Kathy Griffin, Natasha Leggero, rape jokes

    On a new episode of the Laughspin Podcast, Mike and I chat about Kathy Griffin breaking a so-called comedy record. Spoiler alert: I take offense at a comment she made about George Carlin. We’ll also get into the rape joke debate, reignited this time by a discussion between comedian Jim Norton and feminist writer Lindy West on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. We also deliver news on Will Ferrell’s

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    Watch a sincere comedy show marriage proposal

    Much of what inspires and comprises the comedy one sees and hears, especially in this day and age, comes from bitterness, sarcasm and irony. Just listen to five minutes of WTF with Marc Maron. Given that state of comedy, it’s incredibly surprising to find someone proposing to their girlfriend at a comedy show without it being a joke or an elaborate prank. Two weeks ago, Reed Hallstrom, while at independent

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