• Ilana Glazer’s horror movie just started filming

    Broad City star Ilana Glazer must not believe in vacations because the Comedy Central darling is already off to her next gig. Glazer ended her fifth and final season on the massively popular comedy series on Thursday. She will now star in her own horror movie, False Positive. How will her unique sense of millennial humor and strong visual gags translate to the horror genre? Glazer also co-wrote the horror

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    Watch Dane Cook in a clip from upcoming comedy horror flick ‘Detention’

    Though he’s been working on new live material lately, Dane Cook famously took some time off from the stand-up stage to hone his acting chops. He was last seen in the drama Answers To Nothing late last year, and you’ll be able to check him out in Detention, which hits theaters April 13. The horror-comedy flick centers around a group of high school students stuck in detention, who rally together

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    Trailer: “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” looks horribly funny

    Comedy and horror have had a hard time mixing intentionally. Sure, plenty of people today laugh at the guacamole filled vomit in The Exorcist, but when it comes to melding the genres, it has usually come from strict parody, like the Scary Movie franchise. But it seems like Tucker & Dale vs. Evil strikes a perfect balance between the two by way of the following plot: there’s a misunderstanding between

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