Stephen Colbert on House of Cards, Reprises ‘Stephen Colbert’ Character

[Warning: season 3 spoilers ahead] With the premiere of its third season on February 27, Netflix’s uber-popular original series House of Cards has likely been responsible for more than a few sleepless weekends. To all you blurry-eyed binge-watchers out there, we feel compelled to let you know that, no, you weren’t hallucinating: that really was Stephen Colbert grilling President Underwood in the first episode, and yes, he was doing the

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Pornhub releases Big Bang Theory, Orange is the New Black parody posters for Emmys (SFW)

Adult website Pornhub is celebrating tonight’s Emmy Awards ceremony in their own porny way, having created parodies of some of the comedy and drama nominations. We’ve all see Orange is the New Black’s now iconic promotional shot of the ensemble cast featuring Taylor Schilling, Natasha Lyonne, Laura Prepon and more. And we’re surely familiar with Mad Men’s super stylized series logo. And there’s the beloved Big Bang Theory cast photo

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Stephen Colbert buys, hilariously destroys Sarah Palin (Video)

If Sarah Palin launches her own online news channel called The Sarah Palin Channel you know that Stephen Colbert is going to have plenty to say about it. And last night on The Colbert Report, our favorite fake conservative pundit said a lot. Segueing from another story, Colbert began, “Let’s turn to something that evidently will never die and cannot be destroyed…Sarah Palin” to huge applause from the studio audience.

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