• Jen Kirkman: The Laughspin Interview (or Proof of why Jen Kirkman is the Shit)

    Chatting one-on-one with Jen Kirkman is a little bit like breaking into the Museum of Natural History after hours. It’s an act that manages to be both nerdy and rebellious, where one could simply wander unsupervised through the halls, soaking up every ounce of information while giggling openly over the placard that says “homo erectus.” That’s because Kirkman – author, podcaster, and most importantly, comedian – seems to always be

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    Jen Kirkman, Michael Ian Black’s ‘Really Good Advice’ is a thing that’s happening!

    On a recent episode of her podcast I Seem Fun, Jen Kirkman teased a special live show she’d be doing with Michael Ian Black—and now the details are starting to surface. And suffice it to say, we’re damn excited. Billed as Really Good Advice with Jen Kirkman and Michael Ian Black, the JASH-produced show will go down on Nov. 17 at Nerdmelt in Los Angeles at 7 pm as well

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