10 comedians who died on stage doing what they loved

The recent death of British comic Ian Cognito made international headlines because of his comedic timing—he died onstage in the middle of his act. Officials say Cognito died as the result of a heart attack. Though there was shock over the circumstances, Cognito (born Paul Barbieri) wasn’t the first comedian to die in front of an audience, nor will he be the last. A couple of pop culture obsessives, Jeff

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British comic Ian Cognito died on stage; audience thought it was a bit

Veteran British comedian Ian Cognito truly had a show that was impossible to follow Thursday evening when he tragically died on stage. The comic, 60, reportedly sat down and put his arms and heads back, leading the audience to believe the routine was part of his act. “He came out feeling really sick. We just sat there for five minutes watching him, laughing at him,” John Ostojak told the BBC.

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