• Louis Katz album "If These Balls Could Talk" gets animated

    Did you catch our review of comedian Louis Katz’ debut album from Comedy Central Records? If not, you should check it out. We fully endorse the act of purchasing it. It’s called If These Balls Could Talk. The title is reason enough to buy it. I think of Katz as a cross between Marc Maron and Jim Norton. If those two comedians fucked and had a baby, that baby would

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    Louis Katz: If These Balls Could Talk

    Halfway through If These Balls Could Talk (which, incidentally, is probably the most aptly-titled comedy album of the year), Louis Katz offers an apology: “I’m sorry I talk about sex so much.” It is a lie. He is not sorry, not even slightly. And if you’re in the mood for a delightfully irreverent trip straight into the gutter, you won’t be sorry, either. Katz maintains a fast and self-assured delivery

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