• Watch Bill Burr’s ‘I’m Sorry You Feel That Way’ trailer from Netflix

    Having already watched Bill Burr’s newest hour-long special — actually it’s over an hour – I’m pleased to inform you that it will likely surpass you’re already high expectations once it hits Netflix this Friday, Dec. 5. I’m Sorry You Feel That Way finds Burr yet again injecting his everyman and self-admitted poorly researched philosophies into society’s foibles. He’s still thinking about buying a gun (a callback from his previous

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    Bill Burr on NFL, why women hate seeing men happy (Video)

    What can be said about Bill Burr that hasn’t already been said about Bill Burr. He’s a blue-collar Confucius. A ginger Jack Handey. The layman’s Christopher Hitchens. Ol’Billy Redface brings with him astute observations in the tongue of a thousand Boston transplants with the comedic edge of a man who was born to do the craft. And he brought some of his jaded wisdom to Conan in a glorious confluence

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    Netflix snags Bill Cosby, Chelsea Handler, Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies, Chelsea Peretti comedy specials

    Old school comedian Bill Cosby meets new-age online streaming service Netflix this November. Cosby’s newest special, Bill Cosby 77, will premiere on Netflix on Friday, Nov. 28 at 12:01am PST. The legendary comedy icon filmed a brand new special in July, with new material since his Far From Finished special on Comedy Central last year, on his 77th birthday at the SF Jazz Center in San Francisco. As usual, Cosby

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