• Watch Jarrod Harris make his late-night debut on “Lopez Tonight”

    While Louis C.K. rounded out his tour of prime time and late night talk shows on Letterman a few nights ago, up and coming stand-up comedian Jarrod Harris made his foray into the late night world on Lopez Tonight. As part of the recent Southern Comedy Quartet Tour featuring Rory Scovel, Sean Patton, and Nate Bargatze, Jarrod has kept himself in good company comedy-wise as well as voicing and co-writing

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    Punchline Magazine analysis: Is it ever OK to heckle a comedian?

    The implicit agreement when you go to a live comedy show — whether it’s stand-up, sketch, or improv — is that you are there to be entertained and hopefully you do some laughing. Thus, the dynamic of a comedy show should be: the audience sits and listens and the comedian or group of comedians make their attempt, whether it be a failure or a success, to entertain. In the video

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