Will there be a ‘Bored to Death’ movie?

Late at night, when I close my eyes I can still hear the sobbing of thousands of comedy nerds over the cancellation of HBO’s critically acclaimed series Bored To Death. Last night, however, the wailing stopped, if but for a moment. I became curious as to why. The reason, I learned, is that there apparently have been vague discussions over at the cable network giant about a possible screen adaptation

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Aziz Ansari, Will Arnett, Ed Helms, more join for Malaria No More viral video campaign

We’ve heard of celebrities banding together before in support of a common cause, most notably perhaps with “We Are the World” and its remake for the Haiti disaster. Now a select group of comedians and actors have added their talents to the Malaria No More campaign, which seeks to eradicate the terrible, but very preventable and treatable, disease by 2015. Among those involved are Aziz Ansari, Will Arnett, Lake Bell,

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