• Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot production to start in February in New Orleans

    Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith will get back in front of the camera as hetero-lifemates at least one more time this February for Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot, according to Mewes. The actor-turned-storyteller told Laughspin, “If all goes as planned, we’re supposed to start pre-production January, start shooting in February in New Orleans.” Production had been previously reported to begin this past August. Jay and Silent Bob Get

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    Jason Mewes talks Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot, Clerks 3, and branching out on his own (Interview)

    Jason Mewes has had an unexpected career—unexpected in that he certainly didn’t think growing up that he’d be acting and directing movies. Once viewed as just Kevin Smith’s slapstick sidekick, Mewes has grown into a career that is all his own. Since the original View Askewniverse titles, the New Jersey native has starred in roles that don’t involve weed-related hijinx, and he made his feature film directorial debut this year

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    Kevin Smith launches ‘Too Fat to Fly’ and ‘Let Us Dance’ apps for iPod and iPad

    Kevin Smith’s ridiculously, insanely gigantic empire continues to grow, as Smith branches out into the video game world. SMarcade, a division of Smith’s SmodCo has worked in cooperation with Ice Cap Games to release two iOS games, available for download on the iPod and iPad, starring Smith’s beloved characters Jay and Silent Bob. Jay and Silent Bob in Let Us Dance and Jay and Silent Bob in Too Fat to

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