• Rape joke culture explored by comedian J-L Cauvin at Rape Joke Survivors Group Therapy (Video)

    Comedian, prolific original video producer and self-proclaimed bridge burner J-L Cauvin has unleashed his latest project on YouTube— this time addressing the always hot-button issue of rape jokes. Set in a Rape Joke Survivors Group Therapy session, Cauvin plays the quiet Karl and lets the rest of the cast lead us through a satirical look at the effects of hearing a comedian tell rape jokes. Dr Singh (Aalap Patel) joins

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    Feminist writer debates Jim Norton: calls comedy clubs ‘dark basements full of angry men,’ makes rape joke (Video)

    Last night’s debate between comedian Jim Norton and Jezebel writer Lindy West on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell was moving swimmingly until the latter characterized comedy clubs as “dark basements full of angry men.” It was in response to Bell’s question, “Are comedy clubs inherently hostile environments for women?” to which a reasonable feminist would have immediately exclaimed “no” followed by an explanation of how a comedy club –

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    Comedy kibbles and bits: morning links about funny shit

    Good morning, comedy news wanters. You may have noticed that from time to time, I’ve been collecting some links and throwing them at you some mornings. Why am I doing this, you might be asking. Well, sometimes we, at Punchline Magazine, need to get you comedy-related info that doesn’t quite deserve a full post on our oft-updated daily news blog (the section you’re reading right now). That’s where these things

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