Late night roundup: Gary Gulman, Jo Firestone, Samantha Ruddy, Paige Weldon, Django Gold, Corey Rodrigues

Late night shows were jam-packed with stand-up this past week. Some of late night’s hilarious writers performed just feet away from their bosses. Other comedians like Samantha Ruddy and Corey Rodrigues made their late night stand-up debuts. Late Night with Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel Live! took a week off of stand-up, but below you can enjoy over a half-hour of fantastic stand-up from both rising and veteran talents. The Tonight

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New Year’s Resolutions: Stand-up comedians share their plans for 2019

We’re so sorry to remind you, but it’s New Year’s Resolution time! Yep, it’s that terrible time of year when one must consider the sad Venn diagram of who they are and who they want to be and then bring those circles a little closer together. It’s empowering, depressing, and scary. So for inspiration, we asked some of the world’s funniest people to divulge their 2019 New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s what

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