Opinion: Heckler videos are bad for comedy and here’s why

Hecklers are one of the worst parts of the comedy club experience. It sucks for the comedian on stage and it ruins the show for most everyone in the crowd. There’s hardly a dispute about that. However, there are mixed feelings in the comedy community about the popularity of these ‘heckler takedown’ videos. Some say their popularity exposes more people to stand-up, which is good for comedians everywhere. Others argue

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Comedians Vs. Hecklers: Laughspin’s six favorite takedowns

I think it’s safe to say that all most comedians ever want to do is tell jokes and make people laugh. But all too often, some wise-ass decides that he or she wants to get involved and steal the spotlight. We call these miserable low lives that needed more hugs growing up hecklers. And when a heckler decides to act up and interrupt the show, many a comedian decide to

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