• John Oliver Drinks Bud Light Lime After FIFA Promise! ‘Last Week Tonight’ Host Also Eats McDonald’s Dollar Menu And Wears Gold Adidas Shoes Following Sepp Blatter’s Resignation

    John Oliver is a man of his word. The Last Week Tonight host had said he would drink a Bud Lite Lime if the major FIFA sponsors pressured corrupt president Sepp Blatter to resign. So after Blatter officially stepped down from his post last week, Oliver fulfilled his promise. Oliver first spoke out against FIFA back in June, shortly before the World Cup. But it was not until months later

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    Watch: John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Video Gives Advice And Excuses For Avoiding New Year’s Eve Parties

    John Oliver is back with a new Last Week Tonight video, and this time he is taking aim at New Years’ Eve. More specifically, the parties we all attend to celebrate the calendar turn from December 31 to January 1. “New Year’s Eve is the worst,” John Oliver said in this online-only Last Week Tonight video. “It combines three of the least pleasant things known to mankind – forced interaction

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    John Oliver Calls Out ‘Broken’ American Prison System! ‘Last Week Tonight’ Video Includes Puppets To Discuss Drug Laws And More

    How do you make Americans care about the country’s terrible prison system? If you’re John Oliver, you use adorable puppets, of course. John Oliver tackled this issue on Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight. The former Daily Show correspondent began by noting just how crowded America’s prisons are. Much of this jail population growth has occurred over the last four decades, as the country now has eight times as many

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