Comedian James Adomian stars as Marc Maron in ‘Maron in Space’ web series (Videos)

Comedy nerds are fully familiar with comedian James Adomian— perhaps mostly from his many recurring podcast appearances and his onstage impersonations (Jesse Ventura, anyone?). Well, he’s using his powers for more good. As IFC preps for the series premiere of Marc Maron’s show Maron (May 3 at 10 pm ET), the network today launched Maron in Space, a five-episode Web series starring Adomian as Maron. “Marc Maron has such a

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Watch comedian John Roy nail Neil Diamond and more on ‘Conan’

At times, one can watch a stand-up set on late night TV and think, “That’s so funny. Why did I never think of that topic that way?” Many times, acute observations on society are so deftly hidden within the framework of jokes that many casual observers have no idea of the work it took to put a set like that together. John Roy is such a comic who had a

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John Roy: Dressed for Recess

Even the most casual fan of stand-up comedy would agree that one of the main ingredients of a successful act is likability. Regardless of the comic’s tone, creativity, edginess or lack thereof, there’s got to be something that you like about that guy or woman onstage. So in the case of John Roy’s latest, Dressed for Recess, a slice-of-life set about a boyish man reluctant to come of age, does

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