• Margaret Cho on John Travolta: He is Oscar Wilde gay, but he can’t come out (Video)

    On a recent tour stop in Australia, comedian Margaret Cho told her audience about her experiences working with John Travolta on the 1997 movie Face/Off. While Cho was never disparaging toward the actor during her bit, she did reveal her thoughts on the ongoing rumors about his sexuality and allegations that he sexually assaulted a handful of men. “He is so gay. He’s not just gay. He doesn’t just like

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    Did Rashida Jones really need to apologize to John Travolta?

    The most beautiful nurse in all of Pawnee, IN, Rashida Jones made a comment in a recent interview during the Celeste and Jesse Forever press tour that has been considered a rare gaffe by the loveable actress. While she and co-star Will McCormack were speaking with the website Spinning Platters, the topic of Frank Ocean — the pop star who recently came out of the closet — McCormack said, Jones

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