• Madonna eyes comedy career, should music ever fail her

    Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone – pop icon, mediocre actress, BSDM queen, and… stand-up comedian? Well, after you’ve intentionally published a book that shows you and Vanilla Ice doing the nasty, where else is there to go but onstage in front of a microphone to tell jokes about it? As reported by The Daily Mail, the legendary singer confessed in a recent British talk show appearance that she’s given stand-up some

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    Tim Minchin gets rightfully pissed after he’s cut from a television Christmas special

    Musical comedian Tim Minchin was scheduled to be on a super-popular Christmas special on British television. Not only was he scheduled, he wrote a song specifically for the program, showed up to the taping and performed the shit out of said song. Cameras were rolling. It was done. And then producers demanded the song be totally cut from the special. That’s the Christmas unmiracle that went down on the Jonathan

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