Josh Gondelman is Dancing on a Weeknight and in our hearts (Review)

Comedian Josh Gondelman is an eternal optimist. In fact, he sees the world through rose-colored glasses and only expects to die, as his friend puts it, after falling “off a Ferris wheel trying to catch a falling star.” That kind of jubilant, self-elevating humor prevails throughout the Massachusetts-born comic’s third comedy album, Dancing on a Weeknight. Gondelman is charming and intelligent, engaging with the focus of his material, and overall,

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New Year’s Resolutions: Stand-up comedians share their plans for 2019

We’re so sorry to remind you, but it’s New Year’s Resolution time! Yep, it’s that terrible time of year when one must consider the sad Venn diagram of who they are and who they want to be and then bring those circles a little closer together. It’s empowering, depressing, and scary. So for inspiration, we asked some of the world’s funniest people to divulge their 2019 New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s what

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