• Maysoon Zayid wants to kill Internet trolls with kindness, and comedy (Video)

    Comedians and Internet trolls seem to have a peculiar relationship. While nobody relishes getting dumped on by some anonymous shithead on Twitter, Reddit, or anywhere else the subhuman roam, comedians are in the unique position to craft their art around troll fuel. Well respected and beloved comedians like Patton Oswalt and Marc Maron routinely engage with their trolls on Twitter, often to hilarious and devastating effect. But Maysoon Zayid, a

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    Keith Olbermann interviews “Book of Mormon” star Josh Gad for 30 minutes

    Last night Book of Mormon star Josh Gad — that’s Elder Arnold Cunningham, to you — sat down with Keith Olbermann on the political pundit’s new show Countdown on Current TV. The fine folks at the network posted this 30-minute Web extra, wherein Olbs goes in-depth with The Gad about a great many things; there just might be a song involved as well (keep watching until the end).

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