• Eleven comedy web shows that should be television shows

    When it comes to developing comedy show for television, with the exception of Louie, there is hardly any unilateral decision making that allows for something that is “just good” to be on the air. Demographics, built-in markets, censors, programming and more unfortunately factor into what usually makes it to the air. On the Internet, however, the phenomenon of the web series, though often low budget, has allowed for creativity to

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    Watch Pete Holmes break really bad news to Matt McCarthy

    Bedside manner is one of the hardest concepts for doctors to learn, as there is no exact formula, for example, for breaking the news that someone has cancer. Even so, bedside manner might be overrated. Watch comedian Pete Holmes be the best doctor ever for comedian Matt McCarthy in this new webseries from Front Page Films (makers of Kid Farm) if you want your doctor to be hilariously bad at

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    Atom.com web series “Kid Farm” parodies Gosselins, Duggers and others

    Previously, we reported about Atom.com’s pick-up of the hilarious brain child of comedians Jamie Lee and Pete Holmes, Kid Farm. The new web series, also starring comedians Katina Corrao and Matt McCarthy, based off a pilot episode posted on YouTube, officially launched on Atom.com. The first season follows the fictional Engvalls as they prepare for their 18th (19th? even the parents lose count) child. Check out the first new episode

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