• Watch Will Ferrell (aka Ted Vagina) eject Shaquille O’Neal from Lakers game

    The Los Angeles Lakers may have beaten the Phoenix Suns last night 91 to 85, but the real winners, dare we say, were the fans at the Staples Center and the viewers at home, who were treated to a stone-faced Will Ferrell ejecting former basketball great Shaquille O’Neal. Donning a red coat and a “Ted Vagina” name tag, Ferrell assumed the role as a security guard. O’Neal, sitting courtside, obviously

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    Photo: Will Ferrell locks lips with John C. Reilly

    This photo of Will Ferrell making out with John C. Reilly has been making its way around the old Internet ever since it was taken at the Los Angeles Lakers game last night. So, who are we not to post it as well. Apparently there’s something called a “kiss cam” and if you end up on the big screen at the arena you’re supposed to kiss the person you’re with.

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