Bridgetown Comedy Festival, day 1: Lance Bangs, Megan Amram, Moshe Kasher and more!

PORTLAND — The first night of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival featured no references to the craziness that happened in Boston this week nor any of the insanity that was still unfolding. But if there was a prevailing mood that hung over the opening events of this annual celebration of the funny it was a craving for catharsis. And oh did we ever get that. The release valve was kicked open

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Bridgetown Comedy Festival: Day 2

PORTLAND – Somehow, it’s still sunny in Portland. The Comedy Gods are smiling upon us, you guys. First stop for day two of Bridgetown was Lance Bangs Presents Come Laugh With Us at the Bagdad Theater. The line for this baby was around the block, because the show was packed with talent. Kristen Schaal, Fred Armisen, Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, Mike Lawrence, and of course, director Lance Bangs. First up

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