• Moontower Comedy Fest closes brilliantly with Wanda Sykes and improv from Theme Park

    AUSTIN – If parting is such sweet sorrow, than the departure of the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Fest feels a lot like scarfing down Girl Scout cookies while sobbing. “Next year, we plan to make this the second largest comedy festival in North America,” proclaimed one of the organizers proudly, and indeed, I can’t conceive of any reason why such a goal shouldn’t be met. That said, putting an end

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    Review: New ‘Believer’ book with Sedaris, C.K., Oswalt and more, gives life to old tradition

    Ask a comedian for advice, and more likely than not, you’ll get a joke. Editor Eric Spitznagel at The Believer knows this, so he and Amy Sedaris started a humor/advice column and called it “Sedaratives.” In each issue of the magazine, “Sedaratives” is taken over by a different guest “advisor” who responds to several Dear Abby-ish prompts. The column has been popular enough to warrant two collected volumes from Vintage

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