The 20 Best Stand-up Specials of 2018

None of you are going to agree with me on this list. And that’s okay. It’s not easy to do a year-in-review Top 10 List (or whatever arbitrary number Buzzfeed picks that day). The sheer volume of stand-up produced this year made things even more difficult. I watched every qualifying stand-up special that came out in 2018. Every. Single. One. I don’t like Top Anything lists because, it’s like, you didn’t

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John Leguizamo, Latin History for Morons gets Netflix debut

Netflix announced they will be releasing a filmed version of John Leguizamo’s one-man show, Latin History for Morons, on November 5th. Leguizamo is best recognized for his roles in films like Carlito’s Way, Chef, and the Ice Age franchise, but Leguizamo is no newcomer to Broadway. He has performed in and written many one-man shows, four of which have been filmed for release including 2014’s Ghetto Klown and 1998’s Freak. The filmed version

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