• Watch three comedians Occupy Wall Street in their own ways

    It’s the onus of comedy at large to question. Right? Naturally, the Occupy Wall Street protests have coincided quite well with that notion questioning the unregulated corporate culture in America. Comedian Lee Camp recently gave a spirited performance for protesters; and he’s not the only one. Without any of the traditional trappings of live comedy such as a stage, more comedians including Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan have given their

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    Watch comedian Lee Camp defend his generation at Occupy Wall Street

    It is the prevailing view in comedy today that our current generation is spoiled, weak, entitled, and unable to think for themselves. On Louis C.K.’s most recent album, Hilarious, he calls the current generation, “the shittiest generation of piece of shit assholes that ever fucking lived.” Yet, the Occupy Wall Street movement that has expanded to cities around the U.S. might flip that notion completely around. Comedian Lee Camp said

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    Lee Camp: Chaos For The Weary

    As perceptive and profane and profound as Lee Camp can be, he really does not represent a generation of new comic as much as the regeneration of an old one: George Carlin. Lucky him! Lucky us! His antic and intensely interesting new CD from Stand Up! Records, Chaos for the Weary (available Friday), even comes with the Carlin seal of approval, courtesy of Kelly Carlin, daughter of the late comic

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