• Did Apple not know about this MadTV sketch before launching the iPad?

    So tech heads — Mac-heads, especially — the world over yesterday enjoyed a non-sexual (hopefully) orgasm when Apple honcho Steve Jobs paraded out his newest evil monster toy. As we’re sure you all know, it’s called the iPad; you see, it looks like a note pad but acts exactly like an iPod Touch. By the way, we at Punchline Magazine, love Apple products; we use them– a lot. However, we

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    Matt Braunger: Soak up the laughs

    Matt Braunger has had the deep respect of his LA and Chicago comedy scene contemporaries for years. But thankfully, with a powerful, albeit brief stint on MadTV, a new album on Comedy Central Records and a robust tour schedule, the Oregon native has become a national hit. Go ahead, try not to laugh at Matt Braunger. We dare you. Watch his rubber face bend around the room and back again,

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