• Punchline Magazine guest writer: Comedian Lord Carrett on the nothingness of reality television

    Reality television has as much to do with reality, as corn-holing has to do with corn. There, I said it. Someone had to. I was on one of the earliest reality TV shows, A Dating Story, and hardly a genuine moment was captured on tape, much less lucky enough to find its way on-air. So having been inside the belly of the beast, I’ve never watched reality TV. It’s like

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    Lord Carrett: Of Human Bondage

    I’m new to Manhattan, and the first Christmas in a new city is always strange. My first Christmas in Los Angeles, my finances wouldn’t allow me to head home for the holidays, and by the time Christmas Eve rolled around I was “over” Christmas. I decided to have the least Christmas-y Christmas ever, so I rented Leaving Las Vegas. When you rent a movie about a guy who goes to

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