The Laughspin Bridgetown Comedy Fest wrap-up with Todd Barry, Jon Glaser, more!

I know, I know. It’s been days and days since the Bridgetown Comedy Festival wrapped up, but I needed that time to process the adventure. I saw so many shows over the course of the four-day run that some of it gets a bit fuzzy, so I had to storyboard my weekend and pick out my favorite all-around shows for you guys. First things first: I’m a Portland local and

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Watch the ultra bloody, ultra violent (and funny) trailer for Eagleheart’s second season

What can you possibly fit in an 11-minute television show? Well, if your show is produced by Conan O’Brien and you have the likes of Chris Elliott and Brett Gelman at your disposal, you can cram in a lot of bloody action, surreal premises and tons of horrifying deaths. Oh, and laughs! Of course, there are plenty of laughs. And that’s the deal with Eagleheart, which follows the adventures of

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