Will Mary-Louise Parker become NBC’s next comedy star?

In their never-ending quest to score a comedy that gets more than 3 million viewers on the regular, NBC is aggressively courting former Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker. She’s close to signing on for Feed Me, a single-camera pilot on which she would star as Ellen, an accountant with OCD who makes life for her husband and two children a tad difficult. The show is described as a “comedic exploration of

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Sarah Silverman doesn't like your jokes

If I had a nickel for every time I told Sarah Silverman a joke in person and she laughed hysterically at said joke, I’d have more than three grand worth of those shiny suckers in my sock drawer. But, all the money in the world would not make up for the fact that Sarah was probably only laughing at my jokes so that I would leave her alone. I’ve only

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