• John Oliver on Miss America Nina Davuluri, tells Matt Lauer high school students need to ‘stop asking out supermodels’ (Video)

    John Oliver announced his decision to leave The Daily Show with Jon Stewart five months ago, and ever since fans of the British comedian have been wondering if the move to his own HBO series Last Week Tonight would be a smart one. Well, this Sunday at 11 pm ET, Last Week Tonight premieres on HBO and we shall have an answer. Oliver visited Matt Lauer at the Today show

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    Ricky Gervais outlines his plans for hosting the Golden Globes

    There are few people unaware of the controversy cause by comedian, writer, actor and podcaster Ricky Gervais during his hosting gig at the Golden Globe Awards last year. Anyone who was not familiar with the comic and his sense of humor previously, got a big taste of it and there were many in the industry who were displeased. Much to everyone’s surprise and despite announcing that he would never again

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    Comedy kibbles and bits: morning links about funny shit

    Good morning, comedy news wanters. You may have noticed that from time to time, I’ve been collecting some links and throwing them at you some mornings. Why am I doing this, you might be asking. Well, sometimes we, at Punchline Magazine, need to get you comedy-related info that doesn’t quite deserve a full post on our oft-updated daily news blog (the section you’re reading right now). That’s where these things

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