Alec Baldwin serious about mayoral run; also serious about destroying John Krasinski’s image

Turns out Alec Baldwin is actually serious about running for mayor of New York City. In a New York Times interview, the actor mentioned that he’s planning to enroll in graduate school to learn more about local politics and “the fiscal imperatives” of being mayor. Sadly for us, 2013’s election isn’t in the cards for Baldwin. Aside from devoting time to school, Baldwin is on the hook for another season

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Would you vote George Lopez for mayor?

This morning, hugely popular comedian and talk show host George Lopez told Good Day LA that he was planning on running for mayor of the city in eight years. He said it pretty seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we thought we’d take it kind of seriously. He explains his reasoning in the video below. You can be the judge as to whether he was for real or just looking

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Stand-up comedian becomes mayor of Iceland's capital city

In Iceland an odd turn of events occurred boarding on the zaniness of Arnold Schwarzenegger being elected a governor. Comedian Jon Gnarr Kristinsson started his own political party, The Best Party, ran for mayor of the nation’s capital, Reykjavik and then… he won! The party started last November as a satirical commentary on political incompetence, but the parody soon grew into a serious political movement. Citizens were discontent with elected

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