David Letterman rips into Karl Rove for his super awkward election night analysis (Videos)

The presidential election is over, but the news — and more importantly, the videos being circulated — surrounding the night Barack Obama won a second term, are far from over. You’re probably aware that shortly after the famously conservative Fox News called the election for Obama (before CNN, even), Karl Rove, current political consultant and former Deputy Chief of Staff under George W. Bush, spent about three solid minutes questioning

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Video: Did anyone use these tips to prepare Thanksgiving dinner?

Lt. John Pike’s shot of pepper spray at peaceful protesters at UC Irvine has largely become “the shot seen ’round the world”. However, the sound that’s being most associated with the incident has become Fox newsanchor Megyn Kelly’s comment regarding the pepper spray as “a food product essentially” on the O’Reilly Factor. Funny or Die seized an opportunity with Erin Gibson, their best leading lady when female figures in the

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