Aisha Tyler, Maria Bamford, Margaret Cho part of 10 Sexiest Women in Comedy list

Thanks to, we here at Laughspin need not rate our favorite female comics by based on their “sexiness.” Although we’ve thought about it, it’s just not in line with what we do, which is to attempt to cover the world of comedy from a journalistic point of view with an emphasis on his or her body of work– not their bodies. But that’s what Nerve’s all about. And that’s

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Laughspin analysis: What does it take for a comedian to gain mainstream success?

It’s been said many times over, but comedy is subjective. What makes one person laugh is almost assuredly different from what makes another person laugh. However, the debate intensifies, despite subjectivity being the main force at work here, what makes millions of people laugh at something versus what leaves them blankly staring at their TV screens. In the realm of reality TV, it seems in general that stand-up comedy —

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