• The American Meme: Netflix doc whitewashes meme culture (Opinion)

    I have a secret. I love Vine. When Vine shut down last year, I turned to endless compilations of six-second comedy on YouTube. In the right circles, you will hear quotes like, “Stop. I could have dropped my croissant!” or, “Can I please get a waffle?” Which is probably why I was so excited for The American Meme. The Netflix documentary from director Bert Marcus came to the streaming platform last week

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    10 great one line jokes from 10 great comedians (Photos)

    There’s nothing like a great one line joke. Just like it takes planning and smarts to deliver an amazingly funny longform story, it takes special talent to write and deliver a short joke that will stick with an audience. Below, we’ve chosen 10 of our favorites one-to-few-line jokes from Bob Newhart, Zach Galifianakis, Steven Wright, Jimmy Carr, Tommy Cooper, Jim Gaffigan, Demetri Martin, Rodney Dangerfield, Mitch Hedberg and Doug Benson.

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    New Reddit comedy meme page benefits established comics, up and comers and fans

    In an era when we obtain our news in 140 characters or less in an ever-refreshing scroll, many ADD-riddled folks do not have the ability to pay attention to something for more than a few seconds at a ti–ooo, look at the birdie! If you have a friend who asks, “Is this almost done?” 20 seconds into your favorite Louis C.K. bit, then you should redirect them to Standup for

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