• Jim Breuer talks touring with Metallica and why he stopped swearing on stage

    Jim Breuer is definitely on a high—though he’d probably prefer not to put it that way. After beginning a stand-up career in 1988, Breuer first appeared in the mainstream in 1995 on Saturday Night Live, where he became known for a spot-on Joe Pesci impersonation and his Goat Boy character. A year later, after appearing with Dave Chappelle on Home Improvement, he was briefly cast alongside Chappelle in an ABC

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    Recording Academy continues unhealthy Kathy Griffin obsession with fifth straight Grammy nomination

    For the fifth year in a row, the Recording Academy lazily pushed Kathy Griffin onto the list of nominees for Best Comedy Album, despite the fact that — once again — her “album” is nothing more than the completely censored audio ripped from her latest Bravo special. This time, it’s called Seaman 1st Class and as in the past, the “album” isn’t even broken down into tracks; it’s just one

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