Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock’s upcoming buddy cop comedy looks hilarious (Trailer)

It’s been six months since it was announced that Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy would co-star in a buddy cop flick. In the world of movies, that’s not a long time. So, we were surprised to see that the movie’s first trailer was uploaded just moments ago. Arriving in theaters April 5, The Heat centers around straight-laced but not well-loved FBI agent Katerina James (Bullock) and the rough and tumble

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Watch NBC’s animated Super Bowl short with Alec Baldwin, Donald Glover, more

It’s been ages since we’ve seen a new episode of The Donaghy Files, the popular web-only, animated spinoff from the creative minds at 30 Rock. For the uninitiated, all you need know is that Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is a bad-ass executive with super powers. In the newest installment, Donaghy, on behalf of Cabletown, finds himself in a bind. You see, Madonna has bailed out on performing at the Super

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