• Mike Stanley: “Tough Luck Chump” (Review)

    When Mike Stanley made a fat joke in Ohio, a woman stood up and scolded him. Stanley responded, “Lighten up.” His debut album Tough Luck Chump is littered with jokes like these: occasionally mean and cruel, and definitely downright raunchy. So if adult humor like this is what you’re into, then it’s a good bet Stanley’s your kind of comedian. The Chicago comedian tells us why he’s into porn scenes

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    The little comedy documentary that could

    How does one relatively unknown comedian rise above the pack? And what does his story of struggle have to do with the rest of the stand-up comedy world? Salty Language, Peppered Morals, the little comedy documentary that could, tries to get some answers. The film’s title alone is enough to spring the mind to an immediate, rapt state of attention. Salty language. Peppered morals. Yes, it reads like the sort

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