• Michael Ian Black joins the fight against those against Miracle Whip (Video)

    I’m starting to think that maybe Miracle Whip has a larger marketing budget than Geico. Seriously, how do these companies turn a profit, with the money they spend on the incessant television, radio, print and Web ads? The Geico ads, at least, are somewhat entertaining (and based on a few friends who use their insurance, it seems like a decent company). But ever since Miracle Whip launched their campaign, wherein

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    It's a lady comic slumber party with Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, Marina Franklin, Nikki Glaser

    Comedian Amy Schumer late last week uploaded a pretty sweet video featuring herself and comedy pals Rachel Feinstein, Marina Franklin and Nikki Glaser, wherein we get to follow the gals around a twisted slumber party of sorts. The sketch is hilarious, but listen: it also addresses some pretty important social issues– like how can a Jew convince a black person to be friends with her? Or how to know you’ve

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