• Russell Brand on his ‘Morning Joe’ appearance: ‘the shrill white noise of dumb current affairs’

    At this point, we’ve all seen Russell Brand’s infamous interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Now, one month later, Brand is opening up about his experience on the show. In his op-ed published in The Guardian, Brand stressed that he acted as cordially as possible and that the rude behavior of the hosts and crew was unwarranted. “I was surprised by the soundman’s impatient intrusiveness” he writes, adding that “[he] yapped

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    Sherri Shepherd on Mika Brzezinski: She laid in bed all night thinking of Russell Brand (Exclusive)

    When Russell Brand dropped by to visit Morning Joe on MSNBC this week, his main objective was to promote his new stand-up tour The Messiah Complex. But as we saw, what he got were three co-hosts who barely seemed to know who he was and didn’t bother to do any research. Katy Kay basically sat there the entire time with fear in her eyes, uttering nonsense here and there. Brian

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    Russell Brand calls out MSNBC anchors for being the idiots they are (Video)

    Comedian Russell Brand had an amazingly awkward interview — or was it simply amazing? — on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The three news anchors seem nervous and make half-assed attempts at humor and repeatedly talk to the comedian as if he’s not there “and as if I’m an extraterrestrial” as Brand describes it. Even after Brand points out that it’s rude and weird, they continue. Eventually, Brand takes over to finally

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