South Park compares Brett Kavanaugh to a Christmas poo (Video)

South Park puts Mr. Hankey on trial during this Wednesday’s all-new episode. In a nod to the recent Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, the beloved Christmas poo will defend his character “or lose everything that is important to him” according to a press release from Comedy Central. “The Problem with a Poo” takes a look at Mr. Hankey’s past behavior and potentially offensive comments about South Park’s citizens. On the line

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Johnny Depp made Penelope Cruz dress as Mr. Hankey from "South Park"

Just when you thought A-list celebrities have absolutely zero taste in good comedy, you hear this: apparently, on the set of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean flick (in which Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz star), the leading man forced Cruz to dress as South Park’s famed character Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo. In a recent interview, Cruz had this to say: “Johnny and I are both fans of South

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