John Oliver is great as The Daily Show host, obviously (Video)

If last night was the first time you ever watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – we’re making believe, ok?! – you would’ve simply assumed that Jon Stewart was a 35 year-old British dude. But what did you expect? Oliver has been nothing but brilliant through his five-plus years as a correspondent on the critically acclaimed show. There were no blunders, no awkward moments, nothing that would’ve raised eyebrows.

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Trevor Moore of Whitest Kids U’ Know: Always talk like a terrorist to thwart NSA (Video)

Ever since British newspaper The Guardian published a story last week — thanks to whistleblower Edward Snowden — about how the National Security Agency was tracking activities of all Verizon customers, the jokes have been flying fast and furiously on Twitter and Facebook. All the while, our government claims that what seems like an incredible invasion of privacy and an afront to our civil liberties is simply just a responsible

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