Following meltdown and recent arrest, Katt Williams freaks out onstage in Oakland (Videos)

When we last left Katt Williams on Thursday he had just been released from an East Oakland jail cell after getting arrested for allegedly breaking a bottle over a guy’s head. The investigation is still pending. The next night, he had a show at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. Much like his Nov. 1 performance in Denver – where he babbled incoherently and left the stage when he got heckled

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Comedians hand out free show tickets to Occupy Wall Street protestors

You guys, aren’t comedians just the best people ever? Watch your black and white backs, nuns – the bar on do-good-ery has just been significantly raised by comedian John Fugelsang and the rest of the Sexy Liberals Comedy Tour. Following the savage police insurgence at the Occupy Oakland rally on Oct. 25, which has left an Iraq War veteran in critical condition, it was announced by the members of the

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