• Comedian Kyle Cease takes on BP oil execs in outtake parody video

    Kyle Cease, the comedian who recently came under fire by Doug Stanhope for his stand up comedy boot camp classes, released a video featuring himself as Tony Hayward, beloved BP CEO. In this Atom.com original video, Cease/Hayward apologizes for the oil spill, but in true BP fashion it doesn’t quite seem sincere. Cease nonchalantly throws garbage into the pristine lake behind him, gets upset at the duck walking on the

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    Janeane Garofalo: I'm disgusted by the Obama administration

    For years, comedian and proud, progressive activist Janeane Garofalo has been criticized by Right wing pundits who take pride in calling her just another product of Hollywood’s misdirected liberal elite. But if Garofalo is one thing, it’s honest. Sure, she was an outspoken opponent of the Bush administration. And yes, before the last presidential election, she told Punchline Magazine she’d be fine with replacing Bush with either Obama or Hillary

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    UCB takes on the BP oil spill

    The Upright Citizen’s brigade has stepped out of their usual comedy zone to parody the ongoing BP oil spill crisis. It would seem that taking a stab at current events may not be a bad choice for UCB, as the video’s already managed to pull in over threee million views on YouTube. After watching the head honchos at BP try to take care of some spilled coffee in this sketch,

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