• Video: ‘My life is misery,’ Zach Galifianakis tells Jimmy Pardo

    If you’re watching Conan, you’re watching “The Pardo Patrol,” right? Oh, you’ve never heard of the Pardo Patrol? You say that you only watch Conan live on TV on TBS and miss out all the extras that Team Coco posts online? Well, if you answered yes to all those questions, you should go to teamcoco.com and watch the clips they have posted a few days after an episode aired of

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    Watch Parks and Rec’s Aubrey Plaza prove her emotional acting range

    If you’re anything like me, you have a giant crush on Aubrey Plaza, she of Parks and Recreation fame. If you’re a lot like me — slightly disturbed — you feel a tingle every time Plaza’s character April emasculates her husband Andy (Chris Pratt) on the show. Regardless of where you fall on the In-Love-With-Aubrey-Plaza Spectrum, you’ll enjoy this video, wherein comedian Jimmy Pardo — Conan O’Brien’s nightly opening act

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