Netflix releases Christopher Guest ‘Mascots’ trailer (VIDEO)

After nearly 10 years away from directing feature films, Christopher Guest is back, this time on Netflix with Mascots, and he’s bringing his quirky, deadpan mockumentary style and brilliant troupe of comedic actors with him. Netflix just released the trailer for the film, a comedy about the 8th World Mascot Association Championships, a sports-team mascot competition featuring a bizarre and hilarious “group of unusual men and women,” including an anatomically correct

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‘Price Check’ with Parker Posey, Amy Schumer is now streaming online (Video)

Indie comedy Price Check, starring lovable oddball Parker Posey, has been getting a lot of critical praise, if not mainstream attention. And now, you can finally check out the official selection of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival; just head on over to SundanceNOW, lay down your $10 and get to watching before its Nov. 16 theatrical release! Co-starring one of our favorite comedians Amy Schumer, Price Check revolves around former

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Parker Posey guests on “Parks and Rec” this week; go behind the scenes!

Leslie Knope vs. nemesis is always fun, whether it be Marsha, the right-wing bitchface, Joan, the passive-aggressive TV host, or longtime Amy Poehler fan and improv superstar Parker Posey! Posey says she took one look at the Parks and Recreation script she was sent and agreed to guest star as Lindsay, Leslie’s Eagleton frenemy. A doppleganger in job title only, Lindsay is as different than Leslie as a Martha Stewart’s

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