• The Office reunion photo is…just a photo

    The cast of the Office has reunited! Again! Well, at least for a picture. Multiple members of the cast posed at a brunch at The Office creator Greg Daniels’ house. Jenna Fischer posted the photo to her Twitter causing the internet to speculate on whether a reunion is in the works. I had brunch with these oddballs today. Love you #officemates #theoffice pic.twitter.com/UWnkOaU1p3 — Jenna Fischer (@jennafischer) December 3, 2018

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    Dear, NBC: Let ‘The Office’ die a dignified death

    It’s been a less-than-stellar Steve Carell-less season of The Office, and so the plans for its future continue to be a mystery– not just to audiences, but to most of those involved with the show. There have been many major changes and rumors swirling in the past six months. So let’s recap: 1. There will be a Dwight K. Shrute spin-off about life on the oft-mentioned beet farm. 2. Mindy

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    James Spader is leaving The Office after one season

    It seems like yesterday we were reporting that James Spader was joining the cast of The Office for good, having guest starred successfully on the show last season. But now, NBC brass has just announced that Spader, who plays the oddly endearing Dunder Mifflin CEO Robert California, is leaving. “James came to The Office to play a role that was two scenes long in the season 7 finale. He instantly

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